"Live Art has developed as a means to enable visual artists to communicate directly with the audience, rather than just passively through their artwork."
Live Art Development Agency, 2006

PL:ay was a one day festival of adventure, anticipation and encounters, showcasing artists predominantly from the South West presenting live art, video, photography and installation with a strong performative quality in Plymouth, for free.

Organised and programmed by local artists LOW PROFILE (Plymouth) and one.c (South Brent), PL:ay presented the works of over 30 artists in this platform event, launching on the evening of Fri 27th July 2007. A full programme of events then took place across various sites in around Plymouth City Centre on Sat 28th July 2007.

PL:ay was interested in setting up situations in public and semi-public spaces where audiences were invited to enter into conversation, become engaged in or experience something new. PL:ay offered the opportunity to encounter art that is being made for non-traditional art spaces and in non-traditional formats; for audiences to approach live art with curiosity and a sense of adventure.

PL:ay approached the city of Plymouth in a playful and accessible way, opening up the Hoe, the Lighthouse, the Museum and walkways through the city to new avenues of exploration and discovery.

PL:ay was produced jointly by LOW PROFILE and one.c, and was funded by Arts Council England, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth College of Art and Design and Plymouth Arts Centre with support from Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. PL:ay's Project Management interns were Dan Baker, Natalie Parrett and Ruth Shorrock.

For more information about PL:ay - including a downloadable version of the Event Programme - please visit the Plymouth College of Art website.

PL:ay - A New Festival of Adventure, Anticipation and Encounters

PL:ay - A New Festival of Adventure, Anticipation and Encounters
Fri 27th - Sat 28th July 2007
Plymouth College of Art and Design and other locations


+ Emma Bush
+ Augusto Corrieri
'Performance for Beginners'
+ Low Profile
'Show for You'
+ These Horses
'Take It Home'
+ Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon
'To Begin Where I Am, Mokado'
+ The Spaghetti Club
'Three Minute Warning', 'Another Piece'

Out & About:

+ Jenny Hunt
'The Tour de Plymouth'
+ Dawn Scarfe
'Rounds: Smeaton's Lighthouse'
+ Action Hero
'Solutions for Life'
+ Jason Hirons
'City Songs: Birdsong in the Built Environment'
+ Pete F. Davies
'Paste Ups'
+ Sam Hasler and Bill Wroath
+ Propeller
'The Lacuna Voyages Part One'
+ Search Party
'Search Party vs. Plymouth'


+ Dando and Weitz
'Organic Propaganda'
+ Isgaard Bright Roberts
+ Jenny Hunt
'Another Brick in the Wall'
+ Shawn Hawkridge
'Untitled (In the Rafters)'
+ John Chapman
+ Mary Hurrell
'Operation in Pink, 2005', 'Breathonica, 2006', 'Black Bile, 2006', 'Untitled, 2007'