In October 2014, Plymouth-based touring theatre company New Model Theatre are partnering with Urban Splash and Barbican Theatre to open a temporary theatre venue in Plymouth’s historic Royal William Yard called Outpost.

From 6th - 25th October, Outpost will present a season of exciting theatre from some of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies including three touring shows, two world premieres commissioned especially for Outpost and a revival of New Model Theatre’s celebration of all things Plymouth, Parliament Town.

New Model Theatre is a touring theatre company based in Plymouth. We look beyond form to create modern theatre for a modern audience. Our work responds to the changing world around it whilst keeping a very human element at its heart. We have a strong fringe aesthetic and are dedicated to making brilliant theatre with a DIY ethos.

Outpost is made possible through partnerships with Urban Splash and Barbican Theatre and supported by Arts Council England

New Model Theatre - Outpost

New Model Theatre - Outpost
Mon 6th - Sat 25th October 2014

Homeward Bound

By Ruth Mitchell
Tue 7th - Wed 8th October 2014

“Baseball is a haunted game in which every player is measured against the ghosts of those who have gone before”.
Ken Burns, The History of Baseball

Award-winning performer Ruth Mitchell takes a look at the dreams we hold and the cards we get dealt as she attempts to round the bases and reach home.

Homeward Bound is a solo performance inspired by her son's love of baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the team he plays with in the South West Baseball League, interwoven with the spectre of her own upbringing in a Northern household with three generations of women.

The Shodyssey

By Drake's Drummers Theatre Company
Thu 9th - Sat 11th October 2014

Myths and legends are born from the heroic acts of great people, accounts of these are passed down verbally through oral history and take on a life of their own. But what if these acts were not so heroic? What if they were merely misunderstandings on an epic level?

In this farcical comedy, new life will be breathed into ancient stories and the true history of ancient Greece will be presented as never before. The sort-of truth behind Achilles heel, how the Trojan horse was really a monumental accident and more will be revealed in Drake's Drummers The Shodyssey.

Beneath the Albion Sky

By Write By Numbers
Tue 14th October 2014

“We’re looking at the same stars but not in the same way.”

One morning not very long ago, Paul woke up, packed his bags and, leaving behind his partner and his job, caught a train to Penzance. From there, armed only with a map found in his father’s belongings, he began to walk St Michael’s Ley Line. Following the path of the sun from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to the coast of Suffolk, he has been bewitched in Dartmoor, danced with Boudicca and, if we believe him, fought a dragon (or two). Now Paul’s here to tell you the story.

Mixing travelogue with historical fact (and fantasy) Beneath the Albion Sky is a walking story about our relationship with England’s past, the landscape around us and the things our bodies and imaginations do to cope with loss.


Curated by New Model Theatre
Wed 15th October 2014

BETA is a monthly evening of work-in-progress performance curated by New Model Theatre in association with Theatre Royal Plymouth and Barbican Theatre. BETA alternates between Theatre Royal Plymouth’s studio space The Lab and the Barbican Theatre’s auditorium. BETA8 will take place in New Model Theatre’s Outpost, a temporary venue in Plymouth’s historic Royal William Yard.

At the end of BETA, audiences are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the work they have seen to help the ongoing development of the pieces they’ve seen. The first seven events have seen performances from some of the South West’s most exciting theatre, dance and performance artists and companies and BETA8 promises to be no different.

To Alexander (who could only see the sea)

By Running Dog Theatre
Thu 16th - Sat 18th October 2014

“And when Alexander the Great, King of Asia, came upon the shore he wept for he knew it was the edge of his world and he could not conquer it"

Owen lives on the other side of an ocean - Josh hasn't seen his brother for 2 years. Where Sian and Josh grew up should lie underwater; Sian is studying figures and Josh is reading myths about oceans. But neither can hold back the tide. And so they sit and tell stories and build sandcastles - because eventually everything ends.

Mixing storytelling, physical theatre, and multimedia performance with a live score Owen, Sian and Josh try to figure out how the world might end. Running Dog Theatre take you on a journey mixing memories and legends with science and stories as they imagine possible futures amidst the effects of climate change. A show about the end of the world and the first time you ever saw the sea.

Threnody for the Sky Children

By Jack Dean
Tue 21st - Wed 22nd October 2014

"They say that an old man called Atlas holds up the sky, and the adamantine lumps in his spine are mountains, and the crystal blue pools of his eyes are oceans, through which he stares at the nursery ceiling of space, hoping eagles of solar fire will carry him home.”

In a town in the middle of nowhere, in the attic of his parents' house, a man convinced he was born with wings flees from the chaos outside and picks through his confused past.

Threnody for the Sky Children is a surreal modern fable that draws inspiration from Ovid's epic poem Metamorphoses, and fuses mythology and music with a hint of zombie apocalypse.

Parliament Town

By New Model Theatre
Thu 23rd - Sat 25th October 2014

“I’ve been playing a lot of Assassins’ Creed lately. There’s this Animus thing in it, and when you lie in it you see inside the head of one of your ancestors. I don’t think he’s an ancestor. To be honest, I doubt he’s even real.”

Hometowns have a habit of holding us hostage. By Civil War siege or economic downturn, two young men search for the soul of their provincial city.

They knocked down the hospital years ago, yet Ollie still occasionally makes a nighttime pilgrimage to the place where he was born. Or where he thinks he was born. And that’s where he sees him. He’s a soldier. Sort of. He’s holding a gun anyway. 350 years apart, both find shadows of each others lives cast over their own in a city they always assumed they’d leave.

Originally commissioned by Paines Plough and Theatre Royal Plymouth as part of Come To Where I’m From, Parliament Town is what would happen if Bruce Springsteen wrote an album about Plymouth.