"Where did Norman's love of boxes go?
It seems, as a child, it was never permitted to grow.
So, in the darkness his imagination spilled,
Living a life fulfilled,
His alter-ego, in a World of Shadow,
A Heavyweight Boxing Champion, named Gustave Gusteau."

Two very different men: Norman Baxter and Gustave Gusteau. Two separate worlds: one, the filing department of a box factory; the other, a boxing ring in the land of shadow.

Today should be just another day at the office. But, adversity comes to visit in the form of a very deadly mosquito and a very slippery Spanish boxer!

A quirky tale of cardboard boxes and heavyweight boxing, for children and adults alike.

"Shadows, puppets and live, rhyming commentary all blend to produce an experience different from other shows. The duration is short - good for the younger ones - but this has led to a more polished performance"

Broadway Baby

"Norman Shadowboxer is the company’s debut show, but you would never guess it, such is the understated brilliance with which this sweet story is told."


"Overall the play has a very gentle feel and benefits from being simple and short, ideal for children. It was also very entertaining to watch as an adult, so highly recommended for a family group."


Norman Shadowboxer

Norman Shadowboxer
by EmptyBox Theatre
Created by Elizabeth Fazzio & Ronan McMahon

Written by Ronan McMahon

Naomi O Kelly

Dan Baker

Dan Baker, Lisa Castle, Maeve Leahy and Ronan McMahon (Rotherham Open Arts Festival)

Lisa Castle, Elizabeth Dapo, Ronan McMahon and Max Ward (Edinburgh Fringe, Lyric Lounge and Pooles Park Primary School)

Elizabeth Fazzio, Ronan McMahon and Heidi O'Connell (All 2009 performances)

Performance Dates:

Sat 18th September 2010
Rotherham Open Arts Festival

Thu 5th - Sun 22nd August 2010 (11:05am daily)
C aquila, Johnston Terrace @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010

Fri 26th February 2010
Lyric Lounge @ Lyric Hammersmith

Thu 25th February 2010
Poole's Park Primary School, London

Fri 10th July 2009
London Bridge Festival Launch Event @ Southwark Playhouse

Wed 8th July 2009
All Saints C of E Primary School, London

Wed 18th March 2009
International Student Puppetry Festival @ Royal Central School of Speech and Drama