A new female writer-led theatre company is launching in February 2012 with a two-night show in Cardiff, London and Glasgow.

Agent 160 Theatre Company – named after playwright Aphra Behn’s code-name when she was a spy – will present fourteen new short pieces (some in Welsh) over two nights, commissioned from a pool of writers from across the British Isles, in Agent 160 Presents Agent 160.

On the second night at each venue, there will be a post-show Question and Answer session discussing the British theatrical landscape with regards to female writers; in Cardiff, this talk will be bilingual.

Currently women write just 17 per cent of all produced plays in the UK – a statistic Agent 160 wishes to address. The pieces are being rehearsed in all three cities, coming together for performances at Chapter Arts (Cardiff), Theatre503 (London) and The Arches (Glasgow).

Day 1

by Sam Burns

The Sweet Shop Standoff
by Marged Parry

by Samantha Ellis

by Poppy Corbett

The Last Word
by Vittoria Cafolla

How Do You Sleep At Night?
by Clare Duffy

Day 2

The Red Shoes
by Sarah Grochala

by Branwen Davies

How To Be A Pantomime Horse
by Ionna Anderson

by Lisa Parry

Skin; Or How To Disappear
by Morna Pearson

A Modest Proposal
by Lindsay Rodden

Agent 160 Presents Agent 160

Agent 160 Presents Agent 160

Written by Ionna Anderson, Sam Burns, Vittoria Cafolla, Poppy Corbett, Branwen Davies, Clare Duffy, Samantha Ellis, Sarah Grochala, Lisa Parry, Marged Parry, Morna Pearson and Lindsay Rodden



Abigail Graham
Kate Nelson
Catherine Paskell
Mared Swain


Matthew Bates
Remy Beasley
Gowan Calder
Nicola Jo Cully
Hannah Daniel
Gruffudd Glynn
Jennifer Jackson

BELFAST Performances


Aislinne Clark
Moninne Dargab


Amanda Doherty
Susan Davey
Alana Henderson
Geoff Hatt
Charmaine McBride
Rachael McCabe

Performance Dates:

Fri 17th - Sat 18th February 2012
Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Sun 19th - Mon 20th February 2012
Theatre503, London

Wed 22nd - Thu 23rd February 2012
The Arches, Glasgow

Tue 23rd - Wed 24th October 2012
Black Box, Belfast

For Agent 160 Theatre Company

Artistic Director: Lisa Parry

Producer: Dan Baker

Associate Dramaturg: Louise Stephens Alexander

Sound & Lighting: David Wylie

Patrons: Sharon Morgan, Kaite O’Reilly and Timberlake Wertenbaker